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Handcrafts of Practical Use: Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin Kit

Image of one percent inspiration

Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels

Science Hobby Kits And Anime For Children

New anime has begun in this January. This anime is called “ Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin Kit.”


In this anime, the main character makes some useful items to enjoy his life.

These items are sold in Japan as hobby kits.



Elementary school boy Eiji Tomatsu hopes to have a cool robot.

One day, he gets a wonderful encyclopedia from Amazon, which enables him to purchase practical hobby kits.

However, each kit lacks one part and does not work.

Then, Eiji uses the one percent inspiration to complete the kits.

He works hard to change the future, in which people do not have inspirations.


Title of this anime

The title of anime is so difficult because it uses too many onomatopoeias.



First, pochitto is an onomatopoeia for pushing some buttons on machines.

Also, pochi-ru is the slang for purchasing things in Internet shopping.

Therefore, pochitto is the onomatopoeia for purchasing hobby kits from Amazon.


In addition, the robot dog that Eiji gets in #1 is called Pochiro. So pochi has a double meaning.



I think this is a coined word.

Maybe, it is a mimetic word for coming up with some ideas.

Actually, pika is the mimetic word for the light bulb’s coming on.

The light bulb is the symbol of inspiration, so it means some idea flashed into Eiji’s mind.


Main toys

Pikachin Encyclopedia

Pikachin Daihyakka (encyclopedia) is a file for Pikachin Sheets that show details of the kits.

If you collect them all, you can complete the encyclopedia.

The Sheets are attached to each kit, so you need to buy those kits.


Pikachin Kits

Pikachin Kits are the hobby kits of practical use.


The kit presented in #1 is Kannin-gurasu, which is translated as cheating glasses.

With these glasses, you can look sideways without turning.

The one percent inspiration in this kit is the mirrors.

The mirrors reflect the side of you, and you can look sideways.


In this way, you can learn science practically.


By the way, the other kits so far are

furikake seasoning maker which processes snacks.

and desk cleaner that works with a rubber band.



In addition, extension kits allow you to play more.

By the Kannin-gurasu Noppo Custom, You can see the high place.

Also, Sniper Custom changes Kannin-gurasu into a rubber band gun.

You have different ways to play, and you will not get tired.

(Extensions are sold separately.)


Each kit sounds exciting. I cannot wait for the release.


Enjoy Science!

Anyway, each kit stirs up children’s curiosity and makes them love handicraft and science.

Actually, in Japan, science is unpopular for students.

There are two main reasons:

  • calculations in science is difficult;
  • humanity and social science students earn more money than natural science students.


I hope this anime will change people’s point of view on science.

Science in fun.