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What Is Kando?: Learn Japanese With Love Live! Sunshine!!

Mari was not impressed by the God!

Did you watch the episode #10 of Love Live Sunshine?

In this episode, Dia, Kanan, and Mari repeatedly use the word "kando."




Meaning of Kando

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This does not mean impression (感動).

Actually, kando(勘当) means to break off relations with children as a punishment.

Therefore, they were misusing the word.

Moreover, Japanese law does not allow kando in the 21st century.

People can economically disown their children by selecting the heir*1.

However, Japanese system of family register does not allow completely breaking off relations with families.

Anyway, Mari is determined to break off relations even with the God.


Summary of Love Live Sunshine

Maybe, some of my readers do not know about Love Live.

So I made a summary of the story.


What is Love Live Sunshine?

Love Live Sunshine is a story of school girls that aim to revitalize their school by idol activities.

Chika Takami, a high school girl in the country side of Shizuoka prefecture (central Japan), was strongly moved by the Tokyo's school idol the Muse.

She wanted to ‘shine' like the Muse, and win the biggest idol competition Love Live.


Problems before girls

However, she had 2 pieces of difficulties.


  1. The technique of school idols highly developed, and she lost the regional preliminaries.
  2. The school was finally decided to close.

She overcomes these difficulties with her friends.

Then, she challenges the Love Live, and tries to leave a trace of her school.

The TV series of Love Live Sunshine is ending in this winter. You cannot miss the school's end.