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Kemono Friends: A Documentary Of Girls With Animal Traits

Kemono Friends In Japan’s Trend

An anime made a sudden boom in Japan. The name of the anime is Kemono Friends(けものフレンズ)*1. Honesty and tolerant attitude of main characters probably won the hearts of Internet users.

At the same time, users made some slangs: “Sugoi(fantastic),” ”Tanoshii(fun),” “Furenzu nandane(You are a Friend who-).” For example, many people sent messages to some staff members, “Sugoi! Kimi wa kyoku o tsukuru no ga tokui na Furenzu nandane! (Fantastic! You are a Friend that is good at composing music!)” These phrases made people happy, in the same way this anime makes us happy. Maybe this anime arrowed through the heart of Friends who does not like the situation we face these days.




The protagonist roams a savanna without knowing who she herself is. She is in the Savanna Area(Savanna Chiho) of Japari Park. She was found by a Friend*2 of serval cat, called Serval. Serval named the girl Kaban, because she has a Kaban(bag in English). To know what kind of animal she is, Kaban must go to Japari Library(Japari Toshokan). With the help of Friends, Kaban and Serval aims at Japari Library.


'Ecology' of Kemono Friends

This anime has many traits just the same as animals have many traits. This anime has some introduction to animal traits. From this introduction, we can learn the traits of animals and human beings. What is more, this anime has big mysteries. This anime is not just a documentary of girls. But this anime is a documentary and science fiction drama of Friends.


Animal traits

This anime reproduces animal traits and habits exactly. For example, American Beaver builds her house, using her teeth to cut down trees. In reality, beavers make dams in the same way. Also, in the middle of the show, this anime shows telephone interviews with zoo keepers. Maybe this anime is supported by a lot of interviews.

Of course, this anime does not describe animal traits in a realistic way. This is an anime, and Friends are just characters. In other words, people are just affected by the cute characters. Introduction to animal traits is only a by-product.


Pride of human beings

This anime makes us proud of human being ourselves. As mentioned above, Kaban-chan does not know who she is, and what kind of animals she is. Now she is not seen as a superior animal: human.

She does not have a high physical ability like other Friends. However, she has a high intellectual ability. She knows how to open the case of leaflets and she can make a origami plane. Nobody criticizes her about her weak points. Friends know that no animals are good at everything.

Therefore, we should be proud of our good points. On the other hand, we should not criticize weak points of others, and should not be ashamed of weak points of ourselves. In this way, Kemono Friends makes us proud.



This anime has many mysteries. Japari Park is not just a natural park. There are many girls called Friends, but there are no human beings. Nevertheless, there are many structures that seem to be made by humans. Some of them are broken, but others work well. Also, there is a robot which guides Kaban, but not Friends. In the first place, what are Friends? In this way, this anime is surrounded by mysteries.

This anime has a possibility to affect people who are tired of this human society. A human who do not like this intolerant world should watch this anime.

*1:Kemono means beast.

*2:A Friend is a girl that has traits of some animal. However, it has human skin and speaks human language.