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Kamen Rider Ex-aid: Doctor, Gamer and Warrior

Heroes of doctor and game

Kamen Rider Ex-aid is the newest series of Kamen Rider as of October 2016. In this program, more than one heroes fight against Bugsters - the monsters born from virus. In addition, they fight and compete against each other to beat the game*1.

Most of Riders are doctors, but the Rider system is made from the image of video game. For example, Kamen Rider Ex-aid, the protagonist of this drama, is Kamen Rider of action game. But he, the wearer Emu Hojo, is also a pediatrician trainee. In short, the doctors remove Bugsters from patients, and fight against Bugsters. Anyway, Kamen Riders are doctors, game players, as well as warriors.



Rider System in Kamen Rider Ex-aid

Rider Gashatto

In this series, Riders changes with Gamer Driver and Rider Gashatto. Rider Gashatto is a gazette that is modeled after video game cartridges that are made by the venture company Genm Corporation. Gasha is an onomatopoeia that means the sound of controlling a machine or fitting something into a hole. So Riders put Rider Gashatto into Gamer Driver and Henshin (change) into Kamen Riders. Each Gashatto resembles some game cartridge that exists in the world of this drama. However, it is not the same thing.


Gamer Driver

By Gamer Driver, Riders change their forms. This is called “level up.” Level 1 of each Riders are like cartoon characters. In every Rider, the size of head is approximately the same as that of their body. However, in level 2, their forms are like human. The role of level 1 is to remove Busters from patients. This can be done only by level 1. And level 2 is so slim that it can fight smoothly.

If Riders uses 2 Gashattos, they can level up into Level 3. Level 3 uses two powers. For example, Kamen Rider Brave uses the power of RPG and music game. So he can use both sword and sound.


Ex-aid: Action + Robot
Brave: RPG + Music
Snipe: Shooter + Fighter Plane
Laser: Motorbike + Samurai
Genm: Action + Bicycle


Doctors with various backgrounds

Kamen Riders have different kinds of job, and this difference makes some dramas. Especially, they are related to death. In other word, some of the Riders experienced dramatical death of some people.


Hiro and sweets

For example, Hiro Kagami(鏡飛彩/かがみひいろ)/Kamen Rider Brave lost his girlfriend to Game Disease (caused by Bugster virus). Before her death, Hiro was interested in nothing but studying. He did not listen to her advice to take a break and have some sweets. At the moment he began to care about her, she was already dying. After her death, he decided to have some sweets.


Kiriya and lies

In this way, some doctors have serious background. This is true of Kiriya Kujo(九条貴利矢/くじょうきりや)/Kamen Rider Laser. He experienced tragic death after he told the truth. After he said that his colleague was infected by Game virus, his colleague killed himself. On the other hand, Kiriya is usually a lier. His tragic past is regarded from others as a lie. Nevertheless, he continues to tell a lie. Telling a truth is sometimes cruel, and it may lead to tragedy. He tells a lie for his justice.

*1:In Japan, beating a game is called clear (クリア). So the word ‘clear’ appears many time in this show.