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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Real Solid Vision And The Truth About Yuya

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode 126: The Day The Devil Was Born

In this episode, Yusho Sakaki and Reiji and Reira Akaba, see Leo Akaba. Yusho tries to pursuade Leo to stop his outrage. However, Leo begins to talk about the truth about four dimensions.


Facts about Real Solid Vision and the former world

  • The four dimensions were one world in the past.
  • Leo Akaba was a ‘professor’ of Real Solid Vision (RSV) in the former world.
  • RSV was a popular technology used in daily life and business.
  • Leo was interested in duel monsters because he would like to show living creatures in the RSV. He found that monsters have temperature and they can respond to stimuli. However, his desire for fame kept him from stopping it.
  • After the RSV became popular, a dangerous duelist called Zarc(ズァーク/Zaaku*1 ) appeared. The former world was destroyed by Zarc.


Facts about Zarc

  • Zarc seems to be the original of Yuya series.
  • He did violent and destructive duel, while listening to monsters’ voice.
  • He injured his opponent, but audience applauded him. The more enthusiastic audience became, the more violence he used.
  • He began to use four dragons: Odd-Eyes Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, and Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. In addition to these dragons, he used Astrograph Magician.
  • He became the champion. However, he could not satisfy himself. Finally, he started to use monsters to destroy the world. Monsters were released from restricts and started to release their own frustration.
  • Zarc and monsters were not satisfied yet. By the effect of Astrograph Magician, Zarc united four dragons and Zarc himself. He summoned Powerful King Dragon Zarc*2.
  • Nobody could defeat him if it were not for his daughter (the original of Yuzu series) and four cards with natural power.



Is it Zarc’s fault that the world was destroyed?

According to Leo, it is Zarc's fault that the monsters destroyed the world. However, he admits that he himself developed the Real Solid Vision for duel. He implies that it is Leo himself that opened Pandora’s box. Moreover, Zarc became violent because he listened to monsters and audience's voices. It may sound like Zarc was the only Devil and others were not malicious. On the other hand, other people were also malicious. In other word, Leo pinned all the responsibility to Zarc.


Is Leo doing right thing?

Leo does not seem to be doing right things. For example, Leo has invaded Xyz Dimension and sealed people in the cards. Academia students are in harsh environment and raised up as duel fighters. If he regarded Zarc as the Devil, Leo would not have made such a violent organization. Therefore, his action contradicts his thought. He is not doing right things.


Are Yuya series dangerous?

Yuya series are not dangerous like Zarc. Yuya has already become different being. He created Pendulum Summon and transformed Odd-Eyes Dragon into Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. He will not become Powerful King Dragon Zarc, and he will make different dragon. In addition, Yuya has will to control his emotion. If he remember smile, he can calm down. And he can now control Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. It is true that he could not always calm down, but he usually learns to get calm. At least, Yuya series are not like Zarc in the past.


*1:Normally, we do not use ズァ in Japanese. However, this anime uses this spell. This is my guess, but this spell includes アーク. That is why they use the spell ズァーク.

*2:This translation comes from Japanese name of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. It is called Haoh Kokuryu Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon(覇王黒龍オッドアイズ・リベリオン・ドラゴン) in Japanese. Haoh Kokuryu can be translated as Powerful King Black Dragon. Koku means black. Therefore, Haoh Ryu can be translated as Powerful King Dragon.