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Who Are The Antagonists In Battle Spirits: Double Drive?

Antagonists in Battle Spirits: Double Drive

In Battle Spirits Double Drive, there are one evil syndicate and one man in neutral position. Since antagonists are important in some Battle Spirits series, I would like to introduce some of them.


Dark Battlers

Dark Battlers are battlers who have evil will to revive EvilGodKing. EvilGodKing is the monster that brought crisis to Spirit World in the past. It was sealed off by legendary heroes and their TwelveGodKing cards. Since then, the card spread to all over the world, and some of them went to parallel worlds.



Tatsumi is a descendant of the former leader of heroes, who strongly believes the power of TwelveGodKing and the descendant of heroes. Tatsumi is the first person who found that Spirit World is losing its power. He takes it for granted that, if the EvilGodKing revives, heroes will reunite and world will regain the power. That is why he tries to collect TwelveGodKing cards. Finally, TwelveGodKing’s power will enable them to control the EvilGodKing.


As a matter of course, it is not sure that they can control EvilGodKing. Moreover, he denies that the ordinary people, who are not the descendants of former heroes, can be heroes and holders of TwelveGodKing cards. He thinks that qualities of heroes means the lineage and the strength, and not the capacity. Therefore he regards Shunta and Yoku, two heroes from parallel worlds, who were actually approved by TwelveGodKings, as messengers who brought the lost TwelveGodKings to Spirit World, but not as the heroes.

He assumes that all descendants have capacity to control TwelveGodKing, and the descendants will control EvilGodKing without fail. At any rate, he was able to get the Dragon TwelveGodKing Ourovorius, thanks to Shishi. He tries to acquire other TwelveGodKings, sometimes, by violence.



Shishi is a mysterious fortune teller who leads the Dark Battlers. She is the woman who gave the Dragon TwelveGodKing Ourovorius to Tatsumi, the descendant of the holder of Ourovorius. After that, she became the brain of Dark Battlers. She foretells the place of TwelveGodKing cards and sometimes think of some ideas to defeat protagonists.

She is so mysterious, and sometimes take advantage of Dark Battlers. For example, Kazuya Taiga is the one who was summoned to the Spirit World by Shishi. Shishi sometimes do things that are different from Tatsumi’s idea. However, Tatsumi adores her.


Kiki Beresia

Kiki*1 is a female descendant of the yellow hero, who behaves as a male*2. She was born in the lineage of hero, and got severe training to be a hero. In her early childhood, she had her hair cut short, and was made to behave as a boy. Although she was not happy about this, she reconciled herself to the destiny. That is why she sticks to rehabilitation of her lineage.


Because of her strong belief, she hates two heroes that came from different dimension. She calls them false heroes. Also, she does not like Mei Merryhadda, the descendant of white hero, who does not support Tatsumi's idea. Instead, Kiki helps Tatsumi in order to make her ambition come true.


Kazuya Taiga(大牙和巳)

Kazuya Taiga*3 is the biggest rival of Shunta Mogami and he strongly hates Shunta. In Japan's national Battle Spirits tournament, unfortunately, he lost the final match versus Shunta. After the game, he has further more jealousy against Shunta. That is why Shishi summoned him to the Spirit World as a ‘stalking horse.’ It was after Tatsumi robbed Shunta of the Horse TwelveGodKing Exeseed, so Kazuya was able to get the Exeseed Card. After that, he defeated Shunta by Exeseed, and he thought he was able to correct the wrong fact that Shunta defeated him. This ‘correction’ of fact is corrected again by Shunta with the new Tiger TwelveGodKing Revoltiga. Now, he is still the strongest rival of Shunta, but Exeseed no longer belongs to him.


Inui Shogun (General Inui)

Inui is the most loyal subject of Tatsumi, and he strongly respects Tatsumi for some reason. Meanwhile, he is loved by his troopers because he is so generous that he gives the cards that he took from losers, to his colleagues. On the other hand, he despises cowards and losers. After he got the Boar TwelveGodKing Calamity Boar, he became little bit arrogant, and suspicious about Shishi who gave Exeseed to the alien.



Sandrat is a sly thief who seeks TwelveGodKing cards. He usually acts as a nice man who helps protagonists. However, he also works as a provider of information for Dark Battlers. He does not do battles, but he seeks chances to get TwelveGodKing cards by listening to conversations or intentionally helping others.


He is always saying “chu-no” in the end of his words. Chu-no is abbreviation of to-iu-no. I cannot find good word in English, but it might be translated as “I mean…,” “I want to say…,” or “it is actually…” Chu-no is used to emphasize your opinion, or to correct some wrong information, Since it is an expression of emphasis, you do not have to care about it.

*1:Kiki is an onomatopoeia of monkey’s chatter.

*2:This article uses the subjective ‘she’ because Kiki is not willing to be a boy.

*3:You may easily guess that Taiga means tiger. Actually, Taiga means big fangs, and pronunciation is similar to tiger. The first name Kazuya consists of two Kanjis 和(Kazu) and 巳(Ya). Kazu is one of the different pronunciations of 和(Wa), which means Japanese, harmony, or sum. Kanji of Ya is hardly pronounced this way. It is usually pronounced Mi. 巳(Mi) refers to the snake of Chinese Zodiac signs. Since he is a user of several decks, he may be going to have both Tiger and Snake.