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Kamiwaza Wanda: Robot Dogs And Programed Monsters

Details of Kamiwaza Wanda

Elementary schoolboy Yuto and his little sister Yui finds a robot dog that came from space. The dog pursues some programed monsters Bugmin’s. He lost his planet because of the Devil called Bugdeath, and he came to the Earth, the next target of Bugdeath. Wanda catches Bugmin’s by high-tech tools with the help of Yuto, his friends, and people in Kirakira Ichi-ban-gai (Kirakira 1st Street). Their goal is to purify the evil monsters Bugmin’s, and turn them into Promin’s.




Wanda is a robot dog that came from the Planet Wonder. Planet Wonder was invaded by Bugmin’s and it was so civilized that many things are infected by Bugmin’s. Therefore, the planet was frozen in order to stop the infection. Wanda is neither Promin or Bugmin. He is just a robot dog.



Promin is a kind of programed monsters that work in everywhere and help us. They help Yuto and Wanda to catch Bugmin’s. They usually do not speak human languages, but they obey Yuto and Wanda.


Bugmin is a kind of programed monsters that do bad things in everywhere and trouble us. They are usually invisible, so they need to be searched by Kamiwaza Flash (flashlight). They are caught with Kamiwaza Shot (camera) and purified. The Bugmin’s purified are confined in Kamiwaza Proca’s (cards). When they work as Promin’s, they are summoned from Kamiwaza Shot. Now, Kamiwaza Shot is used only by Yuto, because he repaired it with the technology of the Earth, and Wanda can no longer use it.


Each Promin has own room in Kamiwaza Shot, and they have personalities. They sometimes play outdoors with Yuto and friends. To Yuto, they are not tools but friends.


Kirakira 1st Street

Kirakira 1st Street is an active shopping district. In the street, there are many children including Yuto, whose parents run stores. Yuto and Yui are children of a toy store. Wanda really likes the Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) in the take-out food shop run by Shu’s family. Mirai is a daughter of the florist. Also, Nicole and Soma are the hosts of the local radio station. People are friendly with each other, and there are few conflicts. In this street, Bugbytes, the agents of Bugdeath commit wrongdoings. Yuto fights against them to guard the street against Bugbytes and Bugmin’s.



Promin’s versus Bugmin’s

To defeat Bugmin’s, Yuto must be a good command of Promin’s and use their abilities properly. For example, Bug-Magnemin uses magnet power to stick one thing to the other. To stop it, Yuto uses Chakkamin *1 to burn magnets and deactivate them. In this way, Yuto uses Promin’s power to catch Bugmin’s.


Daily Life

Yuto and Wanda do not live in the life of battles. They live their daily life. Yuto goes to school and behave as a normal boy. However, Bugmin’s sometimes appear in school. In this case, friends cooperate with each other to beat Bugmin’s. Also, people in the street are annoyed by Bugmin’s. In the active shopping street, people really want to get back their daily life. Yuto does not fight secretly, but fight together.


Rivals - Masato and Mighty

Masato and Mighty are rivals of Yuto and Wanda. Masato have a black Kamiwaza Shot, which also works as a Kamiwaza Flash. Masato is a disagreeable boy whose hairstyle is like a chestnut prickle. Mighty is his buddy and has a samurai spirit. Mighty hates Wanda because he thinks Wanda is responsible for the fall of the Planet Wonder. He plots to turn the Earth to the second Wonder, with the power of Fact-Promin, the form of Promin in which all Promin’s in the same category are combined together.

Unlike Yuto, Masato thinks Promin’s are tools and they must be used properly. If a user of a Promin cannot use it properly, he thinks, he can rob the user of the Promin. Actually, he stole Jetmin from Yuto. In addition, he sacrifices people in Kirakira in order to accomplish his operations. Also, different from Wanda, Mighty can sense the Bugmin without smell. He seems to be more intelligent than Wanda.


Way to Watch

Kamiwaza Wanda is broadcasted at 7AM on Saturdays by TBS (Tokyo). Videos are provided by major streaming sites including YouTube.

*1:The name of Chakkamin comes from Chakkaman, the most popular brand of lighter in Japan.