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Future Card: BuddyFight Is The Card Game Of Nexus

Future Card: BuddyFight

One day, an elementary school boy Gaoh Mikado gets a Buddy-Rare card, from a new pack of collectible card game BuddyFight. When he gets the card Drum Banker Dragon, the real monster appears. Now, Gaoh and Drum are buddies. And then, they challenge the Buddy Police boy Tasuku Ryuenji and Jack Knife Dragon to BuddyFight, and defeat Tasuku. They grow up rapidly and defeat many rivals.



Season 1

In the first season, they fight against the evil syndicate Disaster. Disaster tries to overturn the world by the evil power: Disaster Force. In contrast, Tasuku and possibly Gaoh have the sacred power: Future Force. However, before the important competition in which Disaster joins, Tasuku is surrounded by mood of disquiet and then...


Season2 (100)

In the second season, evil monsters Hyakki(百鬼 Hundred Devils) come to the world. Gaoh, Drum and his friends have to defeat them by Kakuoh(角王 Horn Kings) monsters. Gaoh and some of his friends join Buddy Police and fight against Hyakki.


Season 3 (DDD)

In the third season, Gaoh gets new buddy Bal Dragon. Bal makes a new type of monster Hissatsu Monster, and makes revolution to the BuddyFight. However, some people want Bal's power. Then, Gaoh must participate in World Buddy Cup competition while protecting Bal.



Buddy system

BuddyFight has a peculiar system of Buddy monsters. While normal monsters are summoned from cards in every match, buddy monsters live on the earth with the buddy humans. Buddy monsters are fluid: they can change their forms and elements by training. For example, Drum has a magician form and a warrior form. Therefore, some characters have more than one decks using different buddies. What is more, buddy monsters can split into three cards: they can be summoned three times.


Buddy monsters have Buddy Skills and they can get their buddy humans to float in the air. Buddy Skills do not activate before buddy monster recognize their buddy humans’ ability. This is one of the barometer of their nexus.


Monsters may fight as their own ‘buddies’BuddyFight

It may sound strange but sometimes, monsters become their own 'buddy' and play games. Monsters are usually transforming into cute forms, and some of them are in human-like forms. It may be difficult to confirm that they are monsters.


World system

Monsters of BuddyFight come from different worlds. For example, Drum is from Dragon World. Generally, players have to make a deck from one world. That is why players have to change deck when monsters change the form(i.e.: world)*1. In other card game anime series(including Yu-gi-oh), players must take care of their own decks, so this series have unique way of thinking. By the way, Gaoh’s decks are composed by his friend Baku Omori. Gah just uses Baku’s deck, believing his ability.


Hissatsu Waza and Hissatsu monsters

One more feature of this anime is Hissatsu Waza and Hissatsu monsters. Hissatsu means defeating the opponents without failure. They beat the opponents in the final phase of the game. In this anime, players shout “Final Phase!” when they use these cards. Hissatsu waza is a kind of powerful magic cards that can beat opponents in some limited situations. Different from Hissatsu waza, Hissatsu monsters must be summoned instead of buddy monsters that are already summoned. These cards are used in the climax of the games. It is the most exciting part in this anime.


Should I watch this anime or show it to my children?

Yes, because…

BuddyFight is more exciting than other card games and animes because life point moves significantly. In similar card game anime, life point is 5 in the beginning, and players break it one by one. However, in BuddyFight, life point is 10 and player break it by strong cards. Thanks to big attacks and big damages, it is exciting to see the games.


Needless to say, this anime tells about the value of friends. we cannot play BuddyFight without friends and buddies. Friendship is one of the significant topics in this anime.


What is more, English version of this anime is available, if you are out of Japan. Some of episodes are dubbed in English, and other episodes have English subtitles. However, the videos available in Japan do not seem to have English subtitles on it.


No, because…

Some expressions in this anime are inappropriate for some people. This anime deals with the Devil. One of protagonist's friends has a Devil monster as his buddy. Yes, he is a good monster. But if you have Jewish or Christian background, you should avoid to show it to your children.


Also, in this anime, children use weapons. In many card games, weapons are for monsters. However, in BuddyFight, players have weapons. especially, the protagonist use boxing glove-like things to punch monsters and opponents. If you would like to avoid children having weapons because of your background, this anime may not be instructive.


This anime seems to be for geeks. This anime sometimes welcomes characters from Card Fight Vanguard and Milky Holmes, the characters from the same company*2. Also, this anime uses a professional wrestler Kazuchika Okada and some wrestling moves. It does not seem like an anime for children.

*1:If monsters change their attribute, generally, they do not have to change the decks.

*2:Some of the voice actors are also the same as these animes.