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Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Is Worth Watching Even For Adults Part2

Advantages and Disadvantages On Watching Rainbow Live

This article is continued from Part1.




This article indicates why you should watch or avoid to watch Rainbow Live. 



Why should I watch Rainbow Live?

Sympathize with characters

You may sympathize with the characters. Today, there are many issues regarding families, friends, and sports. This anime describes these issues precisely, and you would feel sympathy. Especially, this anime spares much time on family background and happiness. Moreover, if you are a parent, you may learn important things. Thus, Rainbow Live depicts various ways of life, and sometimes makes us sympathized.


Why should not?

Too serious

You may not enjoy this program because it is too serious. Some of you may enjoy it, while others would hesitate to continue. This anime is heartbreaking because no one is to blame. However, this anime would not fail to impress you. If you continue to watch, you would have adequate returns.


Boys are disgusting

If you want to see cute girls, you should not watch this anime. You may watch Love Live or Idol Masters instead. Actually, this anime has some episodes starring boys. These episode are not the extra episodes but related to the main subject. If you hate boys, this anime is not suitable for you.


Why should I show Rainbow Live to my children?

There are many girls

There are 8 girls in this anime, so children would like at least one of them. Different from Dear My Future, 8 girls have their own solo stages. They are equally spotlighted, and nobody is poorly treated. One thing to point out is that the triumph is not equal. Prism Show in this season is more like figure skating in reality. They are evaluated by judges, and not regarded as the same level. However, their goal is not to be No.1, but to perform their best shows. They would not stick to the rankings.


‘Idol Anime’

Pretty Rhythm series is categorized as idol anime, and this anime promotes an idol arcade game. Pretty Rhythm has already finished selling, but if you have a PrismStone*1 shop(the present official shop of Pripara) nearby, you can play the arcade games there. Idol anime is popular among children, and children would like Prism Shows in which Prism Stars jump many jumps.


Why should not?

Too serious for children

This anime is so serious that children would cry. In some scenes, there are clear description of desperate circumstances. In other scenes, circumstances are so complicated that children would not make sense. It would be fine if these scenes are just partial. However, approximately 4 out of 5 episodes are serious. A clever child may grasp the situation, but I would not recommend young children to see this program.


Equal in gender

This anime spares more time on boys than previous seasons does. Therefore, girls would not like it. In addition, this anime deals with love. this is not for young children that do not appreciate love. Conversely, boys may like this program. Please do not see your sons or male children you take care of, as abnormal.


How to watch?

You may watch this program in niconico or Rental DVDs. There are only two episodes in rental DVDs, so it may sound expensive, but niconico videos are more expensive than DVDs. If you like this anime, you can purchase DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

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