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Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Is Worth Watching Even For Adults Part1

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Rainbow Live*1 is the third season of Pretty Rhythm. This season does not share the world with previous seasons. Therefore, you may watch this season first. However, you are recommended to watch previous seasons because this season inherits the spirit of Prism. Let us return to the main point. Rainbow Live depicts the life of seven girls, plus one girl, three boys, three guys and their family.


One day, one mysterious girl called Rinne(りんね) strays into a world. In this world, one short and unskillful girl Naru Ayase(彩瀬なる) attempts to be a shop manager in her workplace experience at school. In the employment exam, she has to try Prism Show, which she is not good at. However, with the help of the mysterious girl, she becomes able to do Prism Show, and use the marvelous technique - Prism Live. Thus, she is now employed as the shop manager of the apparel store PrismStone. She grows up to be a good Prism Star as well as a beautiful lady.


Terms & Features

Prism Live

Prism Live is a technique to summon music instruments during the Prism Show. This technique requires the help of Pair-Tomo(penguin-like mascots). Naru met a Pair-Tomo before the exam and she was able to do Prism Live. Naru’s musical instrument is a guitar*2. Percussion instruments including drums and marimba are different from other instruments. Prism Stars get sticks and mallets, and the glitter of Prism makes the instruments of light. If they beat the light, it makes the sound.



PrismStone is the new apparel store where Naru is employed as the manager. The store has a Prism Show rink and they show Prism Shows periodically. It is a small shop, which stands close to the gorgeous apparel store Dear Crown. Clerks are all junior high school students who is applied to the workplace experience. However, this shop is run by a longhaired man DJ.Coo and a woman Chisato Ibara(荊千里) when girls are at school.

Main members of PrismStone are Naru Ayase, Ann Fukuhara(福原あん), and Ito Suzuno(涼野いと). Rinne is looked after by Chisato, but she is banned from doing Prism Show for some reason.


Edel Rose

Edel Rose is a Prism Star’s academy which raises top level Prism Stars. Bell Renjouji(蓮城寺べる) and Hiro Hayami(速水ヒロ) are the top Stars of them. This school is managed by Jin Norizuki(法月仁), the former champion of Prism King Cup. He sticks to triumph, and he is the very person who makes the bad mood in which Prism Stars pursue triumph and do not try new or difficult things. Actually, Bell and Hiro look vicious because of the bad mood. For the bright future of Prism Show, they have to change the mood. By the way, pupils in this academy are the students in Kakyoin (for male) and Lu Seriana (for female) secondary school.

Main members of Edel Rose are Bell Renjouji, Wakana Morizono(森園わかな), Otoha Takanashi(小鳥遊おとは) and Hiro Hayami. Koji Mihama(神浜コウジ) was a former pupil, but he exited this academy for some reason. Also, Kazuki Nishina(仁科カヅキ) turned down his admission by himself.


Dear Crown

Dear Crown is a noted apparel store and Prism Star’s office. The manager of the shop is the high school student Juné Amo(天羽ジュネ) who jumped four-series jumps for the first time as a human. And the manager of the office is the woman Natsuko Mihama. This shop also has a Prism Show rink and Dear Crown invites many Prism Stars from outside.


Series of Jumps

In this world, the number of jump Prism Stars do is important. June has already done four series of jumps. However, it has never been done by other Stars. Therefore, Bell, the top Star in Edel Rose, has a strong jealousy against her. By the way, Naru and her friends cannot even do three-series jumps. They struggle to do three-series jumps.

On the other hand, conservative evaluation has robbed Prism Show of its aesthetics. Even if Prism Stars do wonderful shows, it would not be considered if the techniques are not in the rulebook. Hijiri Himuro (氷室聖), the president of Prism Show Association, regrets the unfavorable fact - the Stars who jumps two-series jumps steadily is better than those who fails to jump three-series jumps. It is said that Prism Jump is the jump of heart. So it is not favorable if a person who shuts the mind defeats a person who is attempting to jump more. More precisely, Edel Rose is the biggest barrier in the Prism Show world.


  • Try my Yummy show.
  • Your song is Hot.

These are not metaphors. She can taste music and she can feel the temperature of music. In short, main 6 girls actually feel like that.

  • Ann: tastes music
  • Ito: feels the temperature of music
  • Otoha: smells the music
  • Wakana: feels the wind of music (she can touch the music with her body)
  • Bell: ???

These skills do partially exist in real world and are called Synesthesia. However, Naru is different. Naru sees the colors of music, besides she can choreograph a Prism Dance from these colors. She has a supernatural sense. In any case, they are not discriminated because they have different senses. They utilize their senses for Prism Shows.


Prism Boys

In this season, finally, boy’s Prism Shows are provided in CG. Especially, Kazuki Nishina does Street Prism Show which is done in streets. Contrary to the figure skate in reality, male Prism Show had not experienced four-series jumps. On the other hand, boys Prism Show has some features peculiar to it.

Actually, these shows are not favorable because they promote nothing - they are not in arcade games or toys. However, the story of boys were spun off (KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm) and now surpasses the sales of girl’s Pretty Rhythm. Please do not take it as a betrayal or cheating against fans. KOP came true because fans liked Prism Boys. And the production team respects Prism Girls. In the fan meeting held in September 2016, Prism Girls appeared in video message and admired KOP. Fans like both Prism Boys and Girls.


Complicated human relations and friendship

This anime features human relations between family and friends. This may sometimes be so serious. While Naru’s family is in good relation, other families are not likely to be fine. For example, Ito is in a single-parent family. Her father was a guitarist, but he has shut his mind since he was injured in a traffic accident. In the same way as arts move people’s mind, Prism Show can move their family’s mind. This may be one of the reasons Prism Stars do Prism Show.

Similarly, friendship may be changed in their activities. I cannot say too much because it can be a spoiler, but some friendships would be recovered before, during and after Prism Show. In other word, they may find the truth in their Prism Star activities. This can be true for lovers. This season depicts love more clearly than other two seasons. Lovers may have some trials. However, Prism Show can make a breakthrough. Prism Show is a solution to the troubles between people.

*1:Rainbow does not mean LGBTQ. In Japan, rainbow is a symbol of dream, diversity(十人十色/Junin-Toiro), miracle and so forth.

*2:Guitars that appear in Prism Live are the toys promoted in this season. Other instruments(including saxophone, violin) are like the real ones.