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Privacy Policy And Disclosure On Services This Blog Utilizes

About This Site

Information about this site is gathered in this page. If you are younger than 13 years old, you are recommended to read this with your guardians.




This site is administrated by (handle name) divergent. I am called merely ‘administer’ below. Administer is responsible for protecting visitors personal information in accordance with Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information.


This site uses services below.



Google Adsense

This site uses Google Adsense. This is the service of Google which manages the advertisements of firms and other organizations on this website. By using this service, administer of this website receives from Google, some of the profit made by advertisement. Google collects and utilizes some information of visitors without identifying them. This information is utilized for enhancement of Google’s service, improvement of advertisements visitors would see.


Visitors would have their Cookie, the device they utilize, their approximate location, and other information related to Cookie collected.


These pieces of information are also provided to administer without identifying the visitors. They are used to enhance the effectiveness of advertisement including changing the location or size of each advertisement. Privacy and right to privacy of the visitors are not invaded by collecting information. You may learn more from term of service on Google Adsense, and pages below(localized terms are provided in Japanese).


Google Adsenseの利用規約

「ユーザーが Google パートナーのサイトやアプリを使用する際の Google によるデータ使用」


「広告」『Google ポリシーと規約』


Google Analytics

This website utilizes Google Analytics to comprehend how this website is utilized by visitors, and improve the content. Google Analytics utilizes Cookie which their web browsers preserves to collect visitors’ IP address and information on the website they access(ed). Cookie does NOT include personal information including visitors’ real name, address. However, information on their region and language is collected anonymously.

When visitors access this website for the first time, this website asks if they consent to collect Cookie. If they agree, Cookie is optimized. However, if they come to refuse it, they can opt out the function of Google Analytics. Google allows visitors to reject the service, in order to respect their freedom. They would enjoy security and safety by concealing their personal information from Google and the administer. However, if the administer could not collect their cookies, their way to utilize this website would not be used effectively for administration of this website.

In addition, some browsers including Google Chrome have Private Browsing mode which deletes Cookie after every session. You may learn more from websites below.

ユーザーが Google パートナーのサイトやアプリを使用する際の Google によるデータ使用



Google アナリティクス オプトアウト アドオン


シークレット モードでプライベート ブラウジングを行う



Comment form/ Hatena Bookmark/ Other Hatena services

This website possesses comment forms. As of now, only Hatena users are allowed to post. If you would like to post on this website, you need to register on Hatena service and agree to the term of service. Administrator may access on visitors’ information by visiting their blogs, giving stars, bookmarking, subscribing, and commenting as a Hatena user. However, administrator do not use this information in any other personal purposes. This rule is applied to any other Hatena services.

Comments might be deleted for reasons below:

  1. Personal information of contributors, third parties, or administrator is included.
  2. Secret information of any firms contributors work for or do not work for is included. Secret information includes any information from business events that is not reported by major media.
  3. Content against public order and morals (including sexual and violent expression, and hate speech) is included.
  4. Against any law of Japan
  5. Contributors or third parties requested to delete the post.
  6. The post would be against the interest of administrator of this website or other services.


Other websites and Social Networking Sites(SNS)

If you share or comment on this website outside this website, visitors should not do the things below. Administrator of this website might report them to the administrator of other websites.


  1. Include personal information of contributors, third parties, or administrator.
  2. Include Secret information of any firms contributors work for or do not work for. Secret information includes any information from business events that is not reported by major media.
  3. Include Content against public order and morals (including sexual and violent expression, and hate speech).
  4. Include illegal content in the post. Use any means against any law of Japan to post.
  5. Include information against the interest of administrator of this website or other services. (There is no problem if they criticized this website constructively. However, damaging administrator’s personality, and any identity that are not to be blamed, including beliefs and gender, is not constructive.)

If administrator of this website is allowed to see the post of contributors in some SNS, their posts might be used to improve the content of this website. Contributors should know that their posts are visible for anyone who is allowed to see your post. If you would not like the administrator to see, you should limit the range of share.


Generally, administrator is not allowed to see the posts if administrator is not allowed to do it. However, comments on Facebook page of this website is all shared to public, regardless of your configuration. Please be careful.


SNS accounts of this website




Facebook Page






Other Services

Cookie Consent


Cookie Consent asks the visitors if they agree to collect Cookie. Again, visitors have rights to refuse. Please remember that if visitors do not agree, this website does not provide the best content for each customer including post of blog and advertisement.