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Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future - The Friendship Crossing The Ocean

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Three years from the brilliant competition, nine gemstones of star show up. Aira and her friends are by Mia Ageha, Hye In and their friends. They grow up as Prism Stars by competing and cooperating with each other. Gradually, they are involved in the fight for the legend dress Symphonia. Also, you would be glued to their new technique: Prism Act. This season is a new road for Prism Stars.



Team system

Characters in this anime act in teams. There are 15 girls and 6 boys in this anime, so they have to do Prism Show in teams. 9 main girls consist of two teams: Prizmmy and PURETTY. Both are based on idol bands that existed at that time. So names of character came from members’ own names*1. Prizmmy and PURETTY do Prism Show separately, and sometimes compete with each other. On the other hand, at some time, they make three shuffled units: Sprouts, P&P(Peer Peer), and COSMOs. Generally, they do not do Prism Show in other teams.


Korean flavor

New staffs and characters has come from Korea. Therefore, some parts of story is somehow Korean. In some parts, the direction is like Korean dramas, and in other parts, Korean words and foods appears. However, it is not so much Korean. You would hear a few Korean words and something about Korean food culture, but this is not the main purpose of this program.


In addition, members of PURETTY are Korean. They may have some different view from Japanese kids Prizmmy. For example, they try to present raw meat for marrying couple. However, usually, they are regarded as children and not Korean children. They are friends from different towns, and not Japanese friends or Korean friends*2. This anime depicts the ordinary life of 9 friends, rather than extraordinary life of children from different countries.


New stages

Dear My Future is not like Aurora Dream in these points: fan call system, Prism Act, and Symphonia series.


  • In this season, evaluating system is ‘fan call.’ Each show is evaluated by the number of ’Like’ Prism Stars got from their audience. With this system, protagonists can compete with Prism Stars from Aurora Dream. What is more, Prism Stars can do improved Prism Jumps by answering the fan calls. Fan call is a big assistance for girls in the new age.


  • Prism Act is a new technique of Prism Show which shows a play during a Prism Show. This can be a comedy, but sometimes this is a impressive drama of human. This is a key factor in this season. You cannot miss it especially in the second half of this series.


  • Symphonia series is a series of competitions whose prizes are Prism Stones of Symphonia dresses. Different from Prism Queen series, Symphonia series is competitions for Likes of audience. Again, this series is different from what Aurora Dream characters aim at. However, Dear My Future characters are involved in this series. As mentioned above, Symphonia's are legendary dresses. It seems that something is strange. At any rate, the secrets of Symphonia is one of the most important elements in Dear My Future.


Should I watch this anime? Should I show it to my children?

  • This series is more exciting than other series because this series is less serious than other two series. These two series are serious because they deal with family problems. On the other hand, this series does not mention family so much. Only a few families will appear in this season. Instead, this anime focuses more on friendship and relationship of brothers and sisters. It is not so difficult when this anime deals with these things.


  • Quality of CG dance is high (for Japanese anime) especially in the fourth quarter of this anime. Some of Prism Shows(CG dance parts) are directed by the able director Takahiko Kyogoku(Love Live). Especially, in the third quarter, you can see 5 different CG dance shows. And in the fourth quarter, some new powers enhances the Prism Show. The unique feature in Dear My Future’s Prism Show is track of light. It is shown by Prism Flash Gloves, one of the main toys in this season. In some shows, this feature is effectively used. In any case, you will see the high quality CG dance in this season.


  • This program repeats the same musics again and again. They have to make 4-5 figures in every CG dance part. Therefore, there are less patterns in Dear My Future’s Prism Show than in Aurora Dream. In the second half of this program, however, new songs and shows will appear*3. In addition, in the third quarter of this anime, characters use a lot of new Prism Acts. In this sense, the third quarter is full of variety.


  • The protagonist Mia Ageha is too noisy. Mia is a selfish girl who likes No.1. In the beginning, she trespasses into Aira’s stage, and says “I will defeat Aira Harune!” Actually, she is not a Prism Star and she is unable to do Prism Jump. She does not know manners, and bothers other people. But she always says “I’m the No.1!” You must be bothered by her. However, she will grow up to be a responsible leader. You should not stop watching this anime just because Mia is noisy. She is a good girl.


  • Although this series is less serious than others, serious scenes are still inappropriate for little children. Parents would like it, but the antagonist makes the protagonists despaired. Especially, the climax of this season may be so traumatic that little children may cry. You should take it into consideration before you pay for the videos.


*1:However, the characters are not really the models themselves.

*2:There are 4 pairs of Japanese and Korean friends, and additional pair of Mia and So Min, the fifth member of PURETTY.

*3:These are songs of shuffled units, and new songs of Prizmmy, PURETTY, MARs and Serenon with Kaname.