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Danball Senki Wars (2013) Represents The Circumstances In 2016

Danball Senki Wars and LBX

Danball Senki Wars is the 3rd season of Danball Senki Series, which is translated in the U.S. as LBX: Little Battler Experience. In these series, children fight against terrorists for the safety of robot toys. The robot toys are called LBX: Little Battler Experience. These toys are palm-sized, but so powerful that terrorists abuse them. Therefore, use of LBXs is restricted and they are allowed to use only in reinforced cardboard boxes (which is translated as Dan-boru in Japanese).

The 3rd season takes place in the new stage. One LBX player Arata Sena transfers to the LBX college Kamui Daimon Academy. In the Academy, they play LBX war game after school. Arata is attracted by the reality of the game. However, it is not just a game. Students whose LBX is completely broken have to leave the school. In this way, Arata is involved into the thrilling game of war.



War Time

War Time is a tiny war which happens in a tiny world*1. War Time is held after school. Each homeroom class is assigned to a virtual nation*2, and each group in class works as a platoon*3. Students invade other virtual nations or protect their nations according to the plan of homeroom teachers.


Break Over / Lost

If a LBX is defeated and unable to move, students cannot fight in the mission any longer. This is called Break Over. In the next mission, these students can join it. On the other hand, if the LBX is completely broken, this condition is regarded as death. These students are dismissed from school. This is called Lost. After those students are dismissed, the nation and the platoon would not have new members, before some new students comes to school.



An enjoyer joins a professional school

Although he had won some competitions before he came to the Academy, Arata was an enjoyer of LBX. Since he was involved in the war game, his mind has been gradually changed. At first, he thought this is a game, and he wants to enjoy it. He did not know the characteristic of LBX parts and arms then. He punched opponents by hands which are not durable. However, in the end, he was a soldier who saved the world from terrorists. He used LBX rightly and he had techniques. You should not miss the growth of Arata.


Many characters because this is a school

There are many characters because this series takes place in school. There are some girls, students with different nationalities, and students in different ethnicities. In Arata’s nation, for example, there is a girl’s platoon. The commander is a non-Japanese girl. In addition, there is a black girl in other nation. It is true that, in this anime, characters fight in a closed community. However, diversity is guaranteed.


Rivals and Friends

Arata has some rivals. Especially, Muraku Hojo in the Rossius Union is the biggest rival and friend. After Arata got a strong LBX, he tended to fight against him. He was one of the strongest soldiers in Rossius and called Violet Devil. However, one incident connected the heart of two. Muraku knows an important secret of the War Time. Muraku may be a key of this series.


Should I watch this anime? Should I show it to my children?

DO NOT SHOW THiS ANIME TO CHILDREN. The first half of this anime sounds fun. It has some poppy theme songs and comedies. However, the second half deals with war, terrorism, and death. Children are not encouraged to see this series because this anime may have bad effects. On the other hand, adults should watch it.



The story is sufficiently serious. Since this anime deals with wars, battles are usually serious. Characters and we do not know when they are ‘killed.’ So the battles are thrilling. Since this is a robot anime, there may be some situations in which some parts are broken and the robots are almost not working, but they should not escape. If you would like such thrills, you should watch this anime. By the way, unlike traditional robot animes, battle scenes are all CGs!

This anime deals with social problems. I cannot show what they are because it can be a spoiler. However, this problem still exists in 2016. At that time, when this anime was on air, I thought this program was unrealistic, but this program is actually to the point.



If you like serious dramas, first half of this anime is hard to see. In this anime, a comedy changes into a serious drama. During some missions, Arata learns some astonishing facts about the Academy. On the other hand, before the change of circumstance, it is almost a comedy.

There are not so many personal robots in this anime. Most of soldiers in the virtual nations use general-purpose robots. They are protagonists and some rivals that have personal LBXs. If you would like to see many robots, you should play the game.



This program is not likely to translated into English because the program is too serious to broadcast as kids program. You need to watch this program before you leave Japan if you are visiting here temporally.

*1:Again, LBXs are used in cardboards. This small world is made of cardboards.

*2:Arata’s nation is Jenock.

*3:One student is a commander, one student is a mechanic, and two students are soldiers. Mechanics do the maintenance of LBX, and do not fight.