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Puzz Dra Cross Is A Rising Star In Children's Anime

Puzz Dra Cross (Puzzle And Dragons X)

Puzz Dra Cross is a derivative content from popular smartphone game Puzzle And Dragons (Puzz Dra). Rule of Puzzle And Dragons is simple but unique. You play a puzzle game to defeat a monster. In order to defeat the monster, you need power of monsters. Since this is a puzzle game, more combo you make, more damage the enemy gets. Puzz Dra is likely to be for adults because this game sometimes requires charge for better items. In contrast, Cross is for kids and it is a Nintendo 3DS game. Although it has some traces of the smartphone version, creators successfully converted it into children’s game and anime.

The anime to promote the game and some toys has been on air from this July. This anime depicts the growth of protagonist Ace and his rival Lance. Ace is a boy whose father was a great Ryukanshi (龍喚士/Dragon Summoner). On the other hand, Lance is already a celebrated Ryukanshi. Lance saved Ace’s hometown from the disturbance of wild monsters - the Drop Impact. After the incident, Ace became able to see and move the Drop or the pieces of puzzle floating on the air. Finally, he leaves his town to be a great Ryukanshi like his father.




Drops are the pieces of puzzle. Each Drop has an element: Fire, Water, Wood, Dark, and Light. Fire, Water and Wood are in the relation of rock-paper-scissors. Dark and Light are opposing to each other and have a big damage. By gathering three Drops with the same element, a Ryukanshi can give damage to monsters. If they own some monsters, they can give power to them by gathering Drops. If the Ryukanshi makes more than one group of Drops, it makes combos. Again, more combos they make, more damage the enemy gets.



Ryukanshis are the commanders of monsters who read the flow of Drops and utilize it effectively. By defeating some monsters, they get Egg Drops, which is the core of monsters. By setting an Egg Drop to a D-Gear, they can summon a monster. In addition, some monsters change into Souls when these monsters die. Ryukanshis can make Soul Armors from the Souls. By wearing these Armors, Ryukanshis get some powers. The most important obligation of Ryukanshis is to stop the Drop Impact. They must stop the disturbance of monsters and keep the peace of the world.


Should I watch this program? Should I show this to my children?


You can learn about the world of popular game series. Puzz Dra is a popular game. So you will not get any disadvantages by learning about it.

Your children can learn some important lessons from Ryukanshi's fights. For example, in episode 9, Garnet, an idol Ryukanshi, learns that she should not abandon what she likes (idol works) just because she is busy for other things. The message in this episode is you should do your best in what you like. Like this, protagonists sometimes learn some important lessons, from which your children learns.



This anime is not so organized. Although it is improved now, at the beginning of this program, the target of this anime was not so clear. While the story of this anime was for adults, some systems of this anime were for kids*1. Some episodes from the beginning might not sound like a good anime.

In addition, some characters are too sexy for children to see them. It may be inappropriate to show this program. Remember that this anime is made from the game for adults. It assumes that some adults watch this program.

*1:For example, when Lance is fighting with strong monsters that are destroying the town, a cute monster say "Well done! You made 4 combos" like thing.