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Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Opens The Door To Marvel Heroes

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers(ディスク・ウォーズ:アベンジャーズ) is a Japanese original anime of the Avengers. In this anime, children with some abilities and Marvel heroes cooperate to defeat villains. This anime promotes toys whose concept came from Japanese menko. Menko is a small card with some illustration on it. In menko game, players throw menko on the ground and try to flip opponent’s menko(s). If you successfully flipped it (them), you win the game. The toy brand this anime promotes is named Bachi Kon-bat, but in the anime, the toys are called disks.


What are the disks?

The disks are devices developed by Tony Stark (a.k.a. Ironman) and his colleague Dr.Akatsuki to trap criminals and villains. These disks were planned to publicize in a prison. However, by the attack of Loki and villains, heroes including Ironman were trapped in it. To release them, they need some people who have Bio-codes. Although there were many installers of Bio-code, most of them were stolen by villains. The last one was accidentally installed to 5 children who were attending the rollout, two of whom are Akatsuki’s children. Their Bio-codes are imperfect: they cannot release heroes permanently and have a time limit on it. Moreover, each of them has the type of heroes which they can release. In contrast, five criminals who installed the Bio-codes can release villains permanently (but they are always trapping them). Heroes must defeat villains in such adversed circumstances.


Characteristics of this anime

Although it is not a 100% Japanese anime, Disk Wars has some unique points. Other marvel works do not have children as partners. Marvel heroes are sometimes reluctant to involve other people in their battles. On the other hand, Disk Wars describes nexus between children and heroes. Also, Disk Wars has some settings of its own. Although it uses Marvel’s original settings, Disk Wars is a good door for beginners of Marvel heroes. Disk Wars is a Japanese anime which has distinguished characteristics.


Nexus between heroes and children

In this anime, five heroes and five children become partners, and their nexus is depicted. For example, Hikaru Akatsuki, elder one of Akatsuki’s children, is the partner of Mighty Thor. Hikaru is conscious of his younger brother Akira. However, sometimes it is too much. Thor is also a elder brother of Loki, and conscious of his younger brother, so they cooperate with each other as elder brothers. And they overcome some difficulties. On the other hand, Captain America has a partner whose character is opposite to him. His partner, Chris Taylor, is a bad boy and not like the serious Cap. They have some influence on each other during their cooperation. Thus, heroes and children have good relationships.


Famous Marvel heroes (and villains) will appear

This program is good for beginners of Marvel heroes. As you may now, Japanese people are not familiar with Marvel heroes. Japan has many heroes of its own. Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai(a.k.a Power Rangers). However, they (or we) are not familiar with Marvel heroes because they do not see these heroes in our childhood. Instead, their heroes are Japan’s own heroes. Of course, movie theaters show Marvel movies. However, they are like restaurants with good night views, or Shakespeare’s plays. We hesitate to see them. And even if we saw them, we do not understand them because we do not have enough background knowledge.

However, Disk Wars provides perspectives on Marvel heroes. For example, this program mention what the X-Men are, or what the relationship between Captain America and Backy is like. This program uses Marvel characters, with Marvel’s original settings from certain works of Marvel. It is true that some of them have original settings in Disk Wars. For example, Tony Stark does not work with Dr.Akatsuki in other Marvel works. Moreover, Noriko Ashida, who is usually a mutant and fights as a X-Men, is just a little girl in this program. Like these, there are some Disk Wars’ original settings. Even if you already know Marvel heroes, you would enjoy it.