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Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Doors Of Magic Is An Instructive Unisex Anime

What is Rilu Rilu Fairilu?

Rilu Rilu Fairilu*1 is an anime intended to promote toys for girls. This anime depicts the life of small fairies that live in the closed world called ‘Little Fairilu.’ In their life, small fairies or Fairilus learns many lessons from adult Fairilus and their friends. Sometime, they will move to our world - ‘Big Humalu’- and find their vocations. In particular, Lip, the protagonist in this anime, wants to see again the Humalu who saw her birth from a Fairilu Door. To realize her dream, she must work hard to be a good adult. In short, growth of these Fairilus is depicted in this anime.


What are Fairilus?

Fairilus are small fairies that live in Little Fairilu. Each Fairilu has a motif. For example, Lip is a Flower Fairilu of tulip. Fairilus are categorized into following species: Bugs, Flower, Ikemenjo*2, Mermaid(including males), Mushroom, Vegi(vegetable), Weather, and Legend. Legend Fairilus composed of adults and pets*3. Teachers in Saint Fairilu School are all Legend Fairilus. Especially, Fairilu Gaul is the principal of the school and the king of Little Fairilu. Also, Queen of Little Fairilu is Fairilu Marje. They are always watching child Fairilus. And they give many lessons to child Fairilus.


Fairilu Magic: power to grow up

Fairilus use Fairilu Magic to help others or to protect themselves. By using transformation magic, they can grow up temporally. The transformation magic of higher rank is Fairilu Change. When they use Fairilu Change, they can get the appearance of Humalus - they are not seen as fairies. Many Fairilus work in Big Humalu in the appearance of Humalus.

Other magics sometimes help their friends. For example. Lip’s magic made Mashroom Fairilus, who were hesitant to speak because they did not like their dialects, to speak their own languages. As a result, they were able to communicate with other Fairilus. Such good acts may give some lessons to Fairilus and viewers. In this case, the lesson is that you do not have to feel ashamed of your national backgrounds. When they do good things, they may get Fairilu Bijous from teachers. On the other hand, Fairilus who did bad things using magics can be punished. In this anime, magic is not just a convenient power - help friends and gives lessons.


Serious Backgrounds

Background of this anime is somehow serious. Humalu is thought to be the tragic end of the Fairilu who lost his lover. Also, Kingyo sensei(Ms.Goldfish) experienced a forbidden love, and she was trapped in the goldfish bowl. What is more, Fairilu Marje seems to have a sad memory related to love. Since one of the main topics of this anime is Lip’s love, such sad memories may be a big obstacle for Lip.


Should I watch this anime or show it to my children?


You may have some good lessons from this anime. Although this anime is intended for promotion, Rilu Rilu Fairilu is very instructive. Moreover, this anime has a moderate number of boys, in spite of its main target. In other words, this anime does not seem to be a business. But for toys, this anime could be a educational program.



If you have some conservative values, this anime does not fit you. Rilu Rilu Fairilu encourages children to think about love. Moreover, some characters in this anime are androgynous. If you have conservative views about love, gender or sexuality, you are not encouraged to watch or show this anime.

*1:Rilu Rilu Fairilu is a spell.

*2:Fairilus of unique plants including insectivorous plants.

*3:Pets do not speak any languages. However, Fairilus of unicorn do speak language.