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Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Shows Everything We Need In Our Life

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream(April 2011- March 2012)

What Is Pretty Rhythm?

Pretty Rhythm is a series of anime intended to promote the music arcade game for girls. In this anime, girls do a figure-skate-like sport, called Prism Show. Prism Show is a sport that reflects skater's inside. Especially, they cannot jump a Prism Jump without showing their hearts. Protagonists, their families and their friends try to overcome difficulties and express themselves.


What Is Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream?

In this series, six girls and their coaches aims at legendary jump: Aurora Rising. However, it is actually a dangerous technique. One day, one daughter of pastry chefs - Aira Harune - learns the Prism Show from a TV program, for the first time. The figure on TV is Sonata Kanzaki, the legendary Prism Star. When Aira is doing an errand, she is scouted by a manager of a Prism Show office. Then, she has to do Prism Show in place of a missing girl. There is another girl that offers to do Prism Show: Rizumu Amamiya*1. Now is the start of the story of girls’ dream.

In this anime intended to promote the video game, we learn many things. This kind of anime is usually seen as 30-minute tv ad. However, Pretty Rhythm is not just an ad. It conveys some messages. Especially, Aurora Dream has many messages. Ties with friends and family are important. And we should be mentally healthy. These message are implied in the whole program - 51 episodes. This may be too long. However, it has a lot of messages. At any rate, Aurora Dream is a grand story focused on friendship and family ties, importance of showing the heart and sincerity.


Friendship and family tie

This program is an impressive drama that is focused on friendship and family ties. Although some episodes are comedy, there are many moving episodes that makes us think about nexus of human beings. Three main characters(Aira Harune, Rizumu Amamiya, Mion Takamine*2 ) are in close relationship after they overcame a big trouble. In some animes, there are poor descriptions about friendship. However, this anime describes friendship thoroughly. In addition, this anime tells us that it is good thing to help friends, while other episode says you should not be modest to your friends. Friends should express themselves to each other*3.

Also, family relationship is an important topic in this anime. For example, Aira’s father is somehow assertive. He always buys gross clothes of his choice for Aira. In addition, he would not like Aira to do Prism Show, and he hates Aira’s boyfriend Sho. On the other hand, Aira would not like to break up with him. Pretty Rhythm’s assumption is that children always love their parents. Another example is Rizumu’s mother. Rizumu lives with her father, because her mother disappeared when she was a baby. However, Rizumu really respects her mother, and she treasures her mother’s gifts including a teddy bear. She dreams of seeing her mother in the future. In any case, family tie is important in this program.


Showing the heart and sincerity

This anime is about art - expressing themselves is essential for Prism Stars. The most important factor in Prism Show is the ‘glitter’ of the heart. Stronger the glitter is, better Prism Show they do. When they are excited by love, they are obviously glittering. In contrast, when they are dishonest, their shows are lowly evaluated. Moreover, if they stop expressing themselves and stick to techniques, their shows will be less attractive. In Prism Show, Prism Jump reflects their heart. Therefore, skater with unhealthy heart might jump dangerous Prism Jumps.

In short, this anime tells that we should treasure the glitter of our hearts. The glitter of the heart sometimes makes a new Prism Jump. When she helped a dolphin to find its parents, she learned the new Prism Jump called Dolphin Venus. When Mion helped a curry and rice restaurant, she learned Hachimitsu(Honey) Kiss. Sincerity sometimes leads to new Prism Jump. In other words, one good turn deserves another. Of course, they learn a new jump even if they did nothing. However, doing good things always strengthens the glitter of our hearts. This anime tells us we should do good things.



Pretty Rhythm is being revalued now. We have many ways to watch the program. Please check carefully which website or rental video shop is the best for you.

*1:Rizumu means Rhythm.

*2:Mion is a junior fashion model whom Aira loves. In the episode 1, she disappears and Aira and Rizumu has to do Prism Show instead.

*3:It is always said that Japanese people hesitate to express their opinions. On the other hand, Animes say it is important to express themselves.