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Beyblade Burst: A Sporty ‘Top’ Anime

What is Beyblade?

Beyblade is a toy that is based on the traditional Japanese toy beigoma, or iron top. Generally, Beyblade is composed of plastic upper part, iron middle part, and plastic lower part.


The rule of Beyblede is really simple. Players*1 shout “3, 2, 1, Go shoot!” and shoot their own Beyblades with their own Beyblade Launchers, into the Beyblade Stadium. The winners are the players who kept their Beyblade in the stadium. The losers are those who failed to keep their Beyblade because their Beyblade finished to spin, or because their Beyblade went outside of the stadium.


In addition to this, there is an additional rule in the Burst series. That is burst. Beyblades in Burst series (or new series) have fragile structures. Powerful attacks may take Beyblades apart. Please do not take it seriously. Each part is tough enough to resist these attacks. The united Beyblades get disunited, and get back into each part. Anyway, those who bursted the opponents’ Beyblade will win, and the opponents will lose the game.


What is the anime series like?

Beyblade Burst is the new series of Beyblade anime series. In Beyblade Burst anime, Protagonist Balt Aoi aims at the champion of Beyblade. He plays Beyblade in Beyblade tournaments with his rivals, including Shu Kurenai, one of his childhood friends. Beyblade Burst is a refreshing sport anime. There are no villains or criminal syndicates. Rivals are all average elementary school students, although some of them may look eccentric.


Who are the protagonist and his friends?

Balt Aoi

Balt Aoi is a head-first son of a baker. In the beginning of the story, he was even incapable of shooting a Beyblade rightly. His action to this problem is training himself physically. However, this training did not help him to do it. The way he became able to shoot was imitating Shu’s shoot. As a result, he learned ‘Rush’ shoot, in which Balt’s Beyblade attacks its enemy many times.


After he played many times with his rivals, he learns how to cope with difficulties in Bey-battles. For example, he produced ‘Shin’ Flash shoot from Flash shoot, which he had produced accidentally. He came up with this when his Beyblade, shot with Flash shoot*2, struck the rim of Bey-stadium. After this petit-accident, he learned that a Beyblade accelerates itself after it strikes the rim. Then, he was able to produce this shoot. After this game, Balt gets mature enough to think about the better way to shoot in each situation he faces.

Around this protagonist, there are 5 friends: Kumicho a.k.a. Rantaro Kiyama, Kensuke Midorikawa, Daina Kurokami, Shu Kurenai, Kaiza Shakuenji. First three friends and Balt are the members of Bey-club*3. They fought Beyblade tournament with Balt, and they were invited to the club which was founded by Balt. The other two friends are his childhood friends.


Shu Kurenai

Shu Kurenai is the best friend of Balt. Shu is a powerful player, who has played in the national tournament. Although he is excellent in Beyblade, he is not proud too much of his ability. He does not despise Balt for his poor technique. Moreover, Shu is always worried about Balt. And Shu knows Balt’s character. Although he does not directly inform Balt; however, Shu always finds Balt getting tense or losing his temper. Of course, he can analyze Balt’s plays in Beyblade. Shu may know everything about Balt.

While Balt likes to be with his friends, Shu would rather be alone. His parents are always out of his home*4. Therefore, Shu is always lonely. In addition, while Balt is always frank, Shu is hesitant to say important things. When he broke his right arm, Shu was reluctant to inform Balt about it. Shu and Balt really wanted to fight in the final of Beyblade tournament. As a result, he deceived his doctor, Balt’s friends, and Balt, and he played in the Beyblade tournament. After the regional tournament, he started the treatment in Shakuenji temple*5. Although he made a good choice, he did not tell anybody else about this treatment. This action proves his lonely personality.


Kaiza Shakuenji

Kaiza Shakuenji is a childhood friend of Balt and Shu. Kaiza is also an excellent player, who also plays in the national tournament. His strength comes from tough training in his home mountain: his home is a temple in the mountain. He has many pupils in his dojo. Some of them are Yugo Nansui and Ukyo Ibuki.

Kaiza uses the Beyblade called Xeno-Excalibur and the launcher called Sword Launcher. This combination can kill opponent’s Beyblade instantly, if it was week enough to defeat. And remember, not only his Beyblade but he is also strong. In this season, Balts and his friends are fighting with Kaiza’s team. We cannot miss if and how Balt’s Bey-Club can defeat Kaiza’s team.

Who is Balt’s rival?

Wakiya Komurasaki

Wakiya is a wicked boy, who is rich and speaks Kansai dialect. Wakiya is one of the strongest players in the Beyblade tournament. Although he is basically a nice boy, he sometimes do wrong things. For example, Wakiya tells his friend Houji Konda that he does not need to defeat Balt. His poor message is taken as "lose the game on purpose," and Houji is troubled by this message. The true meaning of Wakiya’s message was he does not want to fight with Houji, his friend. By this misleading message, Houji was almost determined to withdraw from the game.

It is true that this may be unexpected accident. On the other hand, he showed an explicit malice to Balt. In detail, he showed his new skills to Balt, by ordering too much bread to Aoi’s bakery and having Balt come to his house. In this time, Wakiya defeated Balt. Wakiya's purpose was to take fighting spirit from Balt. Actually, after this incident, Balt could not get away from anger toward Wakiya, and got into slump. Clearly, it is unfair to do something to the opponent outside the game. Before the game, fortunately, Balt was able to get through the slump. However, it is a clear cheating. He is strong enough to defeat Balt, so he should be more clean.


You cannot miss their youth!

Every episode is broadcast on YouTube for a week after first broadcast on TV. You cannot miss it if you are in Japan! Almost every month, new Beyblade appears, and many of them are available at toyshops. Please check them, too.

*1:More than one person.

*2:In Flash shoot, Balt’s beyblade circles around the stadium fast. Shin means true.

*3:Club is a universal system of after-school activities in Japan. Every student in public elementary and junior high school must belong to a club. Some of them may be sport clubs, and the others can be a cultural clubs such as brass band and cooking club.

*4:In Japan, it is ILLEGAL to leave a child alone. However, this is an anime. Japanese law does not prohibit this kind of expression.

*5:Ji means temple. In many cases temples are called xxxx-ji. However, in some cases like Kiyomizudera, they are called xxxx-tera or xxxx-dera.