Japan Anime Information

Are you in Japan, without watching Japanese anime? Mottainai! I'll introduce anime to you.

Welcome To My Blog!

What is this blog?

How do you enjoy your life in Japan? Wherever you work for or study in, you cannot escape from Japanese culture. Then, there are many characteristics in Japan: samurai, ninja, sushi, etc… However, most important culture in contemporary Japan is Anime and Manga. Some five years ago, those adults who watch anime were seen as childish or nerdy. But now it is popular for Japanese adults to watch anime. It is not a shame to sing anime songs in karaoke. In Japan, you feel FREE to enjoy anime. So this blog tries to provide information of anime.


For whom does this blog provide information?

This blog is mainly for non-Japanese people in Japan. To be honest, before I launched this blog, I thought I would get more visitors if I wrote my blog in English, or the universal language. However, There is a bottleneck: It is usually illegal to watch Japanese anime outside Japan. Then, my target is English speakers in Japan, including non-Japanese workers and students from overseas. I have seen many people from overseas. Many of them are indifferent to Japanese TV programs. Most of those interested in Japanese TV programs are likely to have Japanese spouses and their children. From this aspect, I can say Japanese anime may have some demand. However, rest of them, without Japanese spouse and children may be indifferent. That is why I would like to express the attraction of Japanese anime.


What kind of information does this blog provide for you?

This blog try to provide information related to anime that is now on air, that is already finished, or that will be released soon. Many anime now on air in Japan are officially and legally available online. Each episode of these animes is available for free, for a week after broadcasted on TV, or for a week after a certain time. After the due date, some of them require a charge and the others are deleted. Therefore, you need to see them as soon as possible. In addition, some rental video shops allow foreign people to rent videos if you have resident cards. You can see old animes as long as rental DVDs are released. Future animes, needless to say, are available on TV and online.