Japan Anime Information

Are you in Japan, without watching Japanese anime? Mottainai! I'll introduce anime to you.

Handcrafts of Practical Use: Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin Kit

Pikachin Kit is the anime and toy of science kits. In this anime, a boy finds the missing part of a science kit by an inspiration.

Let’s Watch Japanese Fairy Anime: Ideology And Educational Values

This article presents two anime programs about fairies. One is Cocotama, which is based on the idolatry.

What Is Kando?: Learn Japanese With Love Live! Sunshine!!

In Love Live! Sunshine!!, we hear the word ‘Kando.’ This word is different from kando(感動) that means impression. This article introduces the true meaning of the word.

What Is Shotengai?: Japan’s Traditional Shopping Area

This article provides information on Japanese traditional shopping streets, where many small shops cooperate to increase their profits.

Kemono Friends: A Documentary Of Girls With Animal Traits

Kemono Friends In Japan’s Trend An anime made a sudden boom in Japan. The name of the anime is Kemono Friends(けものフレンズ)*1. Honesty and tolerant attitude of main characters probably won the hearts of Internet users. At the same time, …

Kamen Rider Ex-aid: Doctor, Gamer and Warrior

Heroes of doctor and game Kamen Rider Ex-aid is the newest series of Kamen Rider as of October 2016. In this program, more than one heroes fight against Bugsters - the monsters born from virus. In addition, they fight and compete against e…

Pripara: The Anime Which Accepts Weakness

The Reason Why They Love Pripara Pripara is the idol anime derived from Pretty Rhythm. It abolished skating because the trend of the figure skating has ended. Instead, it started to ride on the wave of idol anime. Pripara Pripara is an VR …