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Kemono Friends: A Documentary Of Girls With Animal Traits

Kemono Friends In Japan’s Trend

An anime made a sudden boom in Japan. The name of the anime is Kemono Friends(けものフレンズ)*1. Honesty and tolerant attitude of main characters probably won the hearts of Internet users.

At the same time, users made some slangs: “Sugoi(fantastic),” ”Tanoshii(fun),” “Furenzu nandane(You are a Friend who-).” For example, many people sent messages to some staff members, “Sugoi! Kimi wa kyoku o tsukuru no ga tokui na Furenzu nandane! (Fantastic! You are a Friend that is good at composing music!)” These phrases made people happy, in the same way this anime makes us happy. Maybe this anime arrowed through the heart of Friends who does not like the situation we face these days.


*1:Kemono means beast.

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Kamen Rider Ex-aid: Doctor, Gamer and Warrior

Heroes of doctor and game

Kamen Rider Ex-aid is the newest series of Kamen Rider as of October 2016. In this program, more than one heroes fight against Bugsters - the monsters born from virus. In addition, they fight and compete against each other to beat the game*1.

Most of Riders are doctors, but the Rider system is made from the image of video game. For example, Kamen Rider Ex-aid, the protagonist of this drama, is Kamen Rider of action game. But he, the wearer Emu Hojo, is also a pediatrician trainee. In short, the doctors remove Bugsters from patients, and fight against Bugsters. Anyway, Kamen Riders are doctors, game players, as well as warriors.


*1:In Japan, beating a game is called clear (クリア). So the word ‘clear’ appears many time in this show.

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Pripara: The Anime Which Accepts Weakness

The Reason Why They Love Pripara

Pripara is the idol anime derived from Pretty Rhythm. It abolished skating because the trend of the figure skating has ended. Instead, it started to ride on the wave of idol anime.



Pripara is an VR amusement park that girls who have Pri-tickets(Prichike/プリチケ)*1 are allowed to enter. In Pripara, girls are idols. They sing, dance, and walk on the stage. They collect Likes from their fans, acquire titles and they aim at the supreme title - God Idols.


*1:A Pri-ticket is a ticket idols use to enter Pripara and change their costumes. It can be clipped, and idols trade the upper part of Pri-ticket - Friend-ticket(Tomochike/トモチケ).

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Real Solid Vision And The Truth About Yuya

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode 126: The Day The Devil Was Born

In this episode, Yusho Sakaki and Reiji and Reira Akaba, see Leo Akaba. Yusho tries to pursuade Leo to stop his outrage. However, Leo begins to talk about the truth about four dimensions.


Facts about Real Solid Vision and the former world

  • The four dimensions were one world in the past.
  • Leo Akaba was a ‘professor’ of Real Solid Vision (RSV) in the former world.
  • RSV was a popular technology used in daily life and business.
  • Leo was interested in duel monsters because he would like to show living creatures in the RSV. He found that monsters have temperature and they can respond to stimuli. However, his desire for fame kept him from stopping it.
  • After the RSV became popular, a dangerous duelist called Zarc(ズァーク/Zaaku*1 ) appeared. The former world was destroyed by Zarc.


Facts about Zarc

  • Zarc seems to be the original of Yuya series.
  • He did violent and destructive duel, while listening to monsters’ voice.
  • He injured his opponent, but audience applauded him. The more enthusiastic audience became, the more violence he used.
  • He began to use four dragons: Odd-Eyes Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, and Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. In addition to these dragons, he used Astrograph Magician.
  • He became the champion. However, he could not satisfy himself. Finally, he started to use monsters to destroy the world. Monsters were released from restricts and started to release their own frustration.
  • Zarc and monsters were not satisfied yet. By the effect of Astrograph Magician, Zarc united four dragons and Zarc himself. He summoned Powerful King Dragon Zarc*2.
  • Nobody could defeat him if it were not for his daughter (the original of Yuzu series) and four cards with natural power.



Is it Zarc’s fault that the world was destroyed?

According to Leo, it is Zarc's fault that the monsters destroyed the world. However, he admits that he himself developed the Real Solid Vision for duel. He implies that it is Leo himself that opened Pandora’s box. Moreover, Zarc became violent because he listened to monsters and audience's voices. It may sound like Zarc was the only Devil and others were not malicious. On the other hand, other people were also malicious. In other word, Leo pinned all the responsibility to Zarc.


Is Leo doing right thing?

Leo does not seem to be doing right things. For example, Leo has invaded Xyz Dimension and sealed people in the cards. Academia students are in harsh environment and raised up as duel fighters. If he regarded Zarc as the Devil, Leo would not have made such a violent organization. Therefore, his action contradicts his thought. He is not doing right things.


Are Yuya series dangerous?

Yuya series are not dangerous like Zarc. Yuya has already become different being. He created Pendulum Summon and transformed Odd-Eyes Dragon into Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. He will not become Powerful King Dragon Zarc, and he will make different dragon. In addition, Yuya has will to control his emotion. If he remember smile, he can calm down. And he can now control Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. It is true that he could not always calm down, but he usually learns to get calm. At least, Yuya series are not like Zarc in the past.


*1:Normally, we do not use ズァ in Japanese. However, this anime uses this spell. This is my guess, but this spell includes アーク. That is why they use the spell ズァーク.

*2:This translation comes from Japanese name of Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. It is called Haoh Kokuryu Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon(覇王黒龍オッドアイズ・リベリオン・ドラゴン) in Japanese. Haoh Kokuryu can be translated as Powerful King Black Dragon. Koku means black. Therefore, Haoh Ryu can be translated as Powerful King Dragon.

Who Are The Antagonists In Battle Spirits: Double Drive?

Antagonists in Battle Spirits: Double Drive

In Battle Spirits Double Drive, there are one evil syndicate and one man in neutral position. Since antagonists are important in some Battle Spirits series, I would like to introduce some of them.


Dark Battlers

Dark Battlers are battlers who have evil will to revive EvilGodKing. EvilGodKing is the monster that brought crisis to Spirit World in the past. It was sealed off by legendary heroes and their TwelveGodKing cards. Since then, the card spread to all over the world, and some of them went to parallel worlds.



Tatsumi is a descendant of the former leader of heroes, who strongly believes the power of TwelveGodKing and the descendant of heroes. Tatsumi is the first person who found that Spirit World is losing its power. He takes it for granted that, if the EvilGodKing revives, heroes will reunite and world will regain the power. That is why he tries to collect TwelveGodKing cards. Finally, TwelveGodKing’s power will enable them to control the EvilGodKing.


As a matter of course, it is not sure that they can control EvilGodKing. Moreover, he denies that the ordinary people, who are not the descendants of former heroes, can be heroes and holders of TwelveGodKing cards. He thinks that qualities of heroes means the lineage and the strength, and not the capacity. Therefore he regards Shunta and Yoku, two heroes from parallel worlds, who were actually approved by TwelveGodKings, as messengers who brought the lost TwelveGodKings to Spirit World, but not as the heroes.

He assumes that all descendants have capacity to control TwelveGodKing, and the descendants will control EvilGodKing without fail. At any rate, he was able to get the Dragon TwelveGodKing Ourovorius, thanks to Shishi. He tries to acquire other TwelveGodKings, sometimes, by violence.



Shishi is a mysterious fortune teller who leads the Dark Battlers. She is the woman who gave the Dragon TwelveGodKing Ourovorius to Tatsumi, the descendant of the holder of Ourovorius. After that, she became the brain of Dark Battlers. She foretells the place of TwelveGodKing cards and sometimes think of some ideas to defeat protagonists.

She is so mysterious, and sometimes take advantage of Dark Battlers. For example, Kazuya Taiga is the one who was summoned to the Spirit World by Shishi. Shishi sometimes do things that are different from Tatsumi’s idea. However, Tatsumi adores her.


Kiki Beresia

Kiki*1 is a female descendant of the yellow hero, who behaves as a male*2. She was born in the lineage of hero, and got severe training to be a hero. In her early childhood, she had her hair cut short, and was made to behave as a boy. Although she was not happy about this, she reconciled herself to the destiny. That is why she sticks to rehabilitation of her lineage.


Because of her strong belief, she hates two heroes that came from different dimension. She calls them false heroes. Also, she does not like Mei Merryhadda, the descendant of white hero, who does not support Tatsumi's idea. Instead, Kiki helps Tatsumi in order to make her ambition come true.


Kazuya Taiga(大牙和巳)

Kazuya Taiga*3 is the biggest rival of Shunta Mogami and he strongly hates Shunta. In Japan's national Battle Spirits tournament, unfortunately, he lost the final match versus Shunta. After the game, he has further more jealousy against Shunta. That is why Shishi summoned him to the Spirit World as a ‘stalking horse.’ It was after Tatsumi robbed Shunta of the Horse TwelveGodKing Exeseed, so Kazuya was able to get the Exeseed Card. After that, he defeated Shunta by Exeseed, and he thought he was able to correct the wrong fact that Shunta defeated him. This ‘correction’ of fact is corrected again by Shunta with the new Tiger TwelveGodKing Revoltiga. Now, he is still the strongest rival of Shunta, but Exeseed no longer belongs to him.


Inui Shogun (General Inui)

Inui is the most loyal subject of Tatsumi, and he strongly respects Tatsumi for some reason. Meanwhile, he is loved by his troopers because he is so generous that he gives the cards that he took from losers, to his colleagues. On the other hand, he despises cowards and losers. After he got the Boar TwelveGodKing Calamity Boar, he became little bit arrogant, and suspicious about Shishi who gave Exeseed to the alien.



Sandrat is a sly thief who seeks TwelveGodKing cards. He usually acts as a nice man who helps protagonists. However, he also works as a provider of information for Dark Battlers. He does not do battles, but he seeks chances to get TwelveGodKing cards by listening to conversations or intentionally helping others.


He is always saying “chu-no” in the end of his words. Chu-no is abbreviation of to-iu-no. I cannot find good word in English, but it might be translated as “I mean…,” “I want to say…,” or “it is actually…” Chu-no is used to emphasize your opinion, or to correct some wrong information, Since it is an expression of emphasis, you do not have to care about it.

*1:Kiki is an onomatopoeia of monkey’s chatter.

*2:This article uses the subjective ‘she’ because Kiki is not willing to be a boy.

*3:You may easily guess that Taiga means tiger. Actually, Taiga means big fangs, and pronunciation is similar to tiger. The first name Kazuya consists of two Kanjis 和(Kazu) and 巳(Ya). Kazu is one of the different pronunciations of 和(Wa), which means Japanese, harmony, or sum. Kanji of Ya is hardly pronounced this way. It is usually pronounced Mi. 巳(Mi) refers to the snake of Chinese Zodiac signs. Since he is a user of several decks, he may be going to have both Tiger and Snake.

Kamiwaza Wanda: Robot Dogs And Programed Monsters

Details of Kamiwaza Wanda

Elementary schoolboy Yuto and his little sister Yui finds a robot dog that came from space. The dog pursues some programed monsters Bugmin’s. He lost his planet because of the Devil called Bugdeath, and he came to the Earth, the next target of Bugdeath. Wanda catches Bugmin’s by high-tech tools with the help of Yuto, his friends, and people in Kirakira Ichi-ban-gai (Kirakira 1st Street). Their goal is to purify the evil monsters Bugmin’s, and turn them into Promin’s.




Wanda is a robot dog that came from the Planet Wonder. Planet Wonder was invaded by Bugmin’s and it was so civilized that many things are infected by Bugmin’s. Therefore, the planet was frozen in order to stop the infection. Wanda is neither Promin or Bugmin. He is just a robot dog.



Promin is a kind of programed monsters that work in everywhere and help us. They help Yuto and Wanda to catch Bugmin’s. They usually do not speak human languages, but they obey Yuto and Wanda.


Bugmin is a kind of programed monsters that do bad things in everywhere and trouble us. They are usually invisible, so they need to be searched by Kamiwaza Flash (flashlight). They are caught with Kamiwaza Shot (camera) and purified. The Bugmin’s purified are confined in Kamiwaza Proca’s (cards). When they work as Promin’s, they are summoned from Kamiwaza Shot. Now, Kamiwaza Shot is used only by Yuto, because he repaired it with the technology of the Earth, and Wanda can no longer use it.


Each Promin has own room in Kamiwaza Shot, and they have personalities. They sometimes play outdoors with Yuto and friends. To Yuto, they are not tools but friends.


Kirakira 1st Street

Kirakira 1st Street is an active shopping district. In the street, there are many children including Yuto, whose parents run stores. Yuto and Yui are children of a toy store. Wanda really likes the Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) in the take-out food shop run by Shu’s family. Mirai is a daughter of the florist. Also, Nicole and Soma are the hosts of the local radio station. People are friendly with each other, and there are few conflicts. In this street, Bugbytes, the agents of Bugdeath commit wrongdoings. Yuto fights against them to guard the street against Bugbytes and Bugmin’s.



Promin’s versus Bugmin’s

To defeat Bugmin’s, Yuto must be a good command of Promin’s and use their abilities properly. For example, Bug-Magnemin uses magnet power to stick one thing to the other. To stop it, Yuto uses Chakkamin *1 to burn magnets and deactivate them. In this way, Yuto uses Promin’s power to catch Bugmin’s.


Daily Life

Yuto and Wanda do not live in the life of battles. They live their daily life. Yuto goes to school and behave as a normal boy. However, Bugmin’s sometimes appear in school. In this case, friends cooperate with each other to beat Bugmin’s. Also, people in the street are annoyed by Bugmin’s. In the active shopping street, people really want to get back their daily life. Yuto does not fight secretly, but fight together.


Rivals - Masato and Mighty

Masato and Mighty are rivals of Yuto and Wanda. Masato have a black Kamiwaza Shot, which also works as a Kamiwaza Flash. Masato is a disagreeable boy whose hairstyle is like a chestnut prickle. Mighty is his buddy and has a samurai spirit. Mighty hates Wanda because he thinks Wanda is responsible for the fall of the Planet Wonder. He plots to turn the Earth to the second Wonder, with the power of Fact-Promin, the form of Promin in which all Promin’s in the same category are combined together.

Unlike Yuto, Masato thinks Promin’s are tools and they must be used properly. If a user of a Promin cannot use it properly, he thinks, he can rob the user of the Promin. Actually, he stole Jetmin from Yuto. In addition, he sacrifices people in Kirakira in order to accomplish his operations. Also, different from Wanda, Mighty can sense the Bugmin without smell. He seems to be more intelligent than Wanda.


Way to Watch

Kamiwaza Wanda is broadcasted at 7AM on Saturdays by TBS (Tokyo). Videos are provided by major streaming sites including YouTube.

*1:The name of Chakkamin comes from Chakkaman, the most popular brand of lighter in Japan.

Future Card: BuddyFight Is The Card Game Of Nexus

Future Card: BuddyFight

One day, an elementary school boy Gaoh Mikado gets a Buddy-Rare card, from a new pack of collectible card game BuddyFight. When he gets the card Drum Banker Dragon, the real monster appears. Now, Gaoh and Drum are buddies. And then, they challenge the Buddy Police boy Tasuku Ryuenji and Jack Knife Dragon to BuddyFight, and defeat Tasuku. They grow up rapidly and defeat many rivals.



Season 1

In the first season, they fight against the evil syndicate Disaster. Disaster tries to overturn the world by the evil power: Disaster Force. In contrast, Tasuku and possibly Gaoh have the sacred power: Future Force. However, before the important competition in which Disaster joins, Tasuku is surrounded by mood of disquiet and then...


Season2 (100)

In the second season, evil monsters Hyakki(百鬼 Hundred Devils) come to the world. Gaoh, Drum and his friends have to defeat them by Kakuoh(角王 Horn Kings) monsters. Gaoh and some of his friends join Buddy Police and fight against Hyakki.


Season 3 (DDD)

In the third season, Gaoh gets new buddy Bal Dragon. Bal makes a new type of monster Hissatsu Monster, and makes revolution to the BuddyFight. However, some people want Bal's power. Then, Gaoh must participate in World Buddy Cup competition while protecting Bal.



Buddy system

BuddyFight has a peculiar system of Buddy monsters. While normal monsters are summoned from cards in every match, buddy monsters live on the earth with the buddy humans. Buddy monsters are fluid: they can change their forms and elements by training. For example, Drum has a magician form and a warrior form. Therefore, some characters have more than one decks using different buddies. What is more, buddy monsters can split into three cards: they can be summoned three times.


Buddy monsters have Buddy Skills and they can get their buddy humans to float in the air. Buddy Skills do not activate before buddy monster recognize their buddy humans’ ability. This is one of the barometer of their nexus.


Monsters may fight as their own ‘buddies’BuddyFight

It may sound strange but sometimes, monsters become their own 'buddy' and play games. Monsters are usually transforming into cute forms, and some of them are in human-like forms. It may be difficult to confirm that they are monsters.


World system

Monsters of BuddyFight come from different worlds. For example, Drum is from Dragon World. Generally, players have to make a deck from one world. That is why players have to change deck when monsters change the form(i.e.: world)*1. In other card game anime series(including Yu-gi-oh), players must take care of their own decks, so this series have unique way of thinking. By the way, Gaoh’s decks are composed by his friend Baku Omori. Gah just uses Baku’s deck, believing his ability.


Hissatsu Waza and Hissatsu monsters

One more feature of this anime is Hissatsu Waza and Hissatsu monsters. Hissatsu means defeating the opponents without failure. They beat the opponents in the final phase of the game. In this anime, players shout “Final Phase!” when they use these cards. Hissatsu waza is a kind of powerful magic cards that can beat opponents in some limited situations. Different from Hissatsu waza, Hissatsu monsters must be summoned instead of buddy monsters that are already summoned. These cards are used in the climax of the games. It is the most exciting part in this anime.


Should I watch this anime or show it to my children?

Yes, because…

BuddyFight is more exciting than other card games and animes because life point moves significantly. In similar card game anime, life point is 5 in the beginning, and players break it one by one. However, in BuddyFight, life point is 10 and player break it by strong cards. Thanks to big attacks and big damages, it is exciting to see the games.


Needless to say, this anime tells about the value of friends. we cannot play BuddyFight without friends and buddies. Friendship is one of the significant topics in this anime.


What is more, English version of this anime is available, if you are out of Japan. Some of episodes are dubbed in English, and other episodes have English subtitles. However, the videos available in Japan do not seem to have English subtitles on it.


No, because…

Some expressions in this anime are inappropriate for some people. This anime deals with the Devil. One of protagonist's friends has a Devil monster as his buddy. Yes, he is a good monster. But if you have Jewish or Christian background, you should avoid to show it to your children.


Also, in this anime, children use weapons. In many card games, weapons are for monsters. However, in BuddyFight, players have weapons. especially, the protagonist use boxing glove-like things to punch monsters and opponents. If you would like to avoid children having weapons because of your background, this anime may not be instructive.


This anime seems to be for geeks. This anime sometimes welcomes characters from Card Fight Vanguard and Milky Holmes, the characters from the same company*2. Also, this anime uses a professional wrestler Kazuchika Okada and some wrestling moves. It does not seem like an anime for children.

*1:If monsters change their attribute, generally, they do not have to change the decks.

*2:Some of the voice actors are also the same as these animes.